‘Rohani favors constructive interaction’


Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi says president-elect Hassan Rohani seeks constructive interaction with the world.

Qasemi said on Wednesday that Iran’s newly-elected president “is familiar and well-versed in international affairs and is an expert on international relations and … his slogan has always been cooperation and constructive interaction with the world.”
He made the remarks during an international conference, which was hosted by the Munich Security Conference Foundation (MSC) and the F.A.Z. Forum in the German city of Frankfurt to discuss “energy security.”
The event was participated by leading politicians, business executives and scientists to discuss the economic, environmental and security policy issues surrounding energy security in the 21st century.
The Iranian minister further described Iran’s June 14 presidential election as an amazing event which shows the existence of complete democracy in the Islamic Republic.
Qasemi also criticized US-engineered sanctions against Iran, stressing that anti-Iran bans “disrupt the cycle of energy security.”
The Iranian oil minister noted that last year, the Islamic Republic invested more than USD 30 billion in the energy sector despite the anti-Iran bans.
He said: “We are strongly against politicizing the energy issue and we are critical of the performance of main consumer countries which use the energy issue as a tool to achieve their political ends.”

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