Rouhani felicitates Eid al-Adha to Muslim states



President Rouhani has sent messages of congratulations to leaders of Islamic states on Eid al-Adha.

President Hassan Rouhani in separate messages has congratulated Eid al-Adha to heads of Muslim countries describing the occasion as manifestation of servitude towards God, devotion and sacrifice.

“I hope on the occasion of this holy Eid and benefitting from its Divine and social blessings, particularly Abrahamic Hajj of Muslims, we can show the world the true face of Islam of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which is based on mercy and justice though sympathy and boosted cooperation; and by relying upon strong Divine cord we shall strengthen unity among Islamic Ummah and remove foundations of discord and hatred from among Muslims,” reads the message.

President Rouhani has concluded his message by expressing hope for improvement of ties of fraternity and kindness among Muslims and has prayed Go for health and success of all Muslims around the world.

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