Rouhani from Baku: Rusted Sanctions No Longer Effective

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Every country in the world is entitled to the right to have nuclear technology for peaceful purposes within IAEA and NPT frameworks and monopolizing it by certain countries is illogical, Iranian President Sheikh Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday while in a visit to Azerbaijan.Rouhani-Aliyev

Speaking in a joint press conference after signing a Tehran-Baku memorandum of understanding (MOU), the Iranian president further focused on the illegally imposed sanctions against Iran due to its peaceful nuclear program, arguing, “The rusted weapon of sanctions is no longer effective.”

“Both for the sake of advancement and development and for preserving the regional and international peace and stability we need to spend efforts hand in hand with all world nations,” added President Rouhani.

Concerning the Iranian-Azenbaijani relations, Sheikh Rouhani stressed that the peoples of Iran and Azerbaijan republics “resemble one soul in two bodies, as they have shared cultures, beliefs, religions, religious schools of thought, and a shared history and therefore, the foundation for expansion of the nations’ relations is quite strong and should be used to save both nations’ interests.”

He said that the ground is quite paved for broad cooperation in energy, commerce, communications, technological, cultural and scientific fields, as both governments’ have strong wills for activation of the entire existing potentials for further broadening of ties.

President Rouhani proposed that Iran and Azerbaijan will together shape up a bridge connecting the Black Sea with the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman as a natural corridor. “The Caspian Sea, too, is the lake of peace and friendship for the nations that have for centuries lived by its side peacefully, and should today use it to save their national interests,” he said.

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