Rouhani: Iran at nuclear talks table based on sound logic, transparency


Iran’s presence at nuclear negotiations table is based on logic and transparency and final resolving of this issue will serve interests of both sides, the region, and the world, said President Hassan Rouhani in a meeting with the press here Tuesday.

“This week is a very sensitive week, as the result of negotiations by the end of this week can clarify whether we can achieve a final agreement within the next two months, or not,” said President Rouhani.

When asked if he was optimist, or pessimist about the result of the Iran-Sextet nuclear talks, the head of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) expressed optimism, reiterating that he thought both sides have come up with this firm belief that the continuation of this situation serves no one’s benefit, including the interest of the region and the world.

He said that Iran is fully determined to resolve the issue and therefore, if the other side, too, will truly be determined to do so, two months will be sufficient for achieving that objective.

“I believe our negotiations during the course of the past year totally differed with similar talks in previous years, as they were, and are being held with stronger determination, more technically, and more transparently, which is the reason why they led to reaching an initial agreement in Geneva.

He said that reaching an agreement for a year could take a much shorter period of negotiations, but the Islamic Republic of Iran is after closing this field for good.

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