Rouhani: Iran not to use its might against neighbors, Islamic countries


President Hassan Rouhani said Iran’s power is never to target its neighbors or other Islamic world countries.

He made the remarks here Sunday morning when he was reviewing sample units of the Iranian armed forces that were marching on the occasion of the Army Day.

The President said Iran regarded the power of Islamic countries as its own and, pointing to the powerful performance of the Iranian army during the eight years of war against the then Iraqi regime, said the Iranian army is loyal only to the nation not any specific political faction or group.

He said like the Iranian armed forces, the diplomatic corps too is pursuing the single goal of protecting national security and development of the country.

The way the Iranian armed forces are promptly ready to cut the hands of those which think of attacking the nation’s national interests, the diplomats too are pursuing the same goal of safeguarding Iran’s rights in diplomatic arenas.


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