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Rouhani: Time for US’ ‘maximum pressure’ policy over

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says the time for the United States’ policy of exerting ‘maximum pressure’ on other countries, including the Islamic Republic, is over and this policy has failed to produce any results.

Rouhani made the remarks on Thursday while addressing the inauguration ceremony of a series of national projects in the fields of education and health through video conference.

Alluding to US President Donald Trump’s policy of mounting maximum pressure on Iran to force the country to submit to Washington’s demands, Rouhani said, “All signs and indications in the current world, from America to Europe, show that the world has understood that the [policy of exerting] maximum pressure is not effective and its time is over.”

Trump has been leading the policy against Iran since his inauguration in 2016.

Under the signature approach that is drawing its last breaths as he is about to leave the White House to President-elect Joe Biden, the US left the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), a historical 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers.

Washington then reinstated the sanctions that it had lifted once it became a JCPOA member, and also started to cow others into committing to the bans and stopping their trade with Tehran.

The Islamic Republic, however, adopted antithetical economic measures under Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei’s directive of “Resistive Economy,” and also started to take nuclear countermeasures to retaliate against the United States and others’ non-commitment to the JCPOA.

Iran’s combined retaliation has now prompted many world officials, media outlets, and observers to outspokenly identify the American campaign as an abortive one.

As an instance of the country’s continued advancement in the face of pressure by the US and its allies, Rouhani referred to its considerable development in the area of medical sciences.

“One of the country’s sources of pride today is its ranking among the world’s advanced countries in the area of medical science,” he said.

The chief executive cited the high rate of medical tourists that are attracted to the country each year as a case in point.

Many travel to the Islamic Republic even from developed countries for medical treatment not only because it would cost them less here, but also because “they have more trust in our [abilities in the area of] medical science.”

His back-to-back tenures, Rouhani added, featured “essential” refurbishment of medical centers. This led to creation of twice more hospital beds across the country than had ever been created during any other period throughout its history, the president said.

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