Russia to protect interests in face of new bans: Lavrov

Russia to protect interests in face of new bans

Russia Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says Moscow will exhaust all efforts to safeguard its “legitimate interests” should the Western states adopt fresh sanctions against the country.

According to Press TV, Lavrov told Russia Beyond the Headlines (RBTH), “There should be no doubt that we will do whatever is necessary to protect our legitimate interests, including the interests of national security in all its dimensions” if the West places new bans on Moscow over its alleged role in the Ukraine crisis.

Lavrov further slammed as “absolutely unacceptable” the policy of exerting such sanctions against Russia or any other state, saying such “coercive” measures “threaten international peace and stability.”

He stated that Russia does not seek to further escalate the dispute between Moscow and the West, stressing that the Kremlin has responded to the unilateral steps by Washington and its European allies in a “balanced” way and in line with its rights and obligations “under international treaties.”

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