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S. Nasrallah’s Message to ‘israel’ Delivered: Lift Veto on Lebanon’s Gas or else…

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said it clear on Monday: No Israeli target, in the land or in the sea, is out of Hezbollah’s reach.

In a 3-hour interview with Al-Mayadeen, Sayyed Nasrallah repeated and clarified a previous threat he had issued earlier this month, stressing that the aim of the threat is to lift the American and Israeli vetos on Lebanon to invest in its maritime wealth.

Israeli commentators voiced concerns about Sayyed Nasrallah’s threats, calling on the decision makers in the occupation regime to take the issue seriously.

Defense and military correspondent at Israeli Walla news Amir Bohbot said on Tuesday the Hezbollah leader continues to threaten Israel regarding the issue of gas and the maritime border.

Sayyed Nasrallah “climbs up the ladder and is preparing for a military operation,” the Israeli reporter tweeted in Hebrew.

Meanwhile, Yedioth Ahronoth’s Yossi Yehoshua called on Israeli officials to “prepare to the worst-case scenario” regarding the conflict with Hezbollah.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Yehoshua said the assessment of the intelligence in the Israeli occupation military is that Sayyed Nasrallah will not eventually reach a round of fighting over the gas rigs.

However, he said that Sayyed Nasrallah “climbed the tree too high,” and warned that the intelligence estimates “are not always accurate.” The Israeli reporter also note that “Hezbollah is not Hamas,” underlining the “need to prepare to the worst-case scenario.”

Earlier on Sunday, Israeli columnist at Israel Hayom Eyal Zisser said that Syyed Nasrallah “is playing with fire” by threatening an all-out war if Lebanon was prevented by the Zionist entity and its American guardian to extract gas and oil off its shore.

“The ball, therefore, is in Israel’s court. And to be honest, if Israel does not sincerely intend to confront Hezbollah, or if it is ready to play Nasrallah’s game on his terms and at the time and place of his choosing, then it is better to avoid confrontation for now,” the Israeli commentator said.

“After all, no matter how precise Israel’s attacks may become over the course of several “days of war” against Hezbollah launch sites, training exercises and camps, it will not change the situation at all,” Zisser added.

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