Terrorists retreat in Latakia due to intense bombardment by the Syrian military



During the morning hours, government troops from the Syrian marines and Desert Hawks Brigade temporarily recaptured Nakshaba and Rasha Hill; these sites were otherwise captured by Islamist forces in the Latakian governorate yesterday. Actually, rebel fighters retreated from the area due to a massive joint bombardment by the Syrian Air Force (SyAF) and Syrian Arab Army (SAA) artillery units stationed on the outskirts of Latakia city.

Basically, the battlefield at Nakshaba and Rasha Hill has been scorched due to rockets and airstrikes raining upon the countryside’s insurgents. Subsequently, government soldiers entered the aforementioned village and hill top; however, due to security concerns they since pulled out.

Thus, Nakshaba and Rasha Hill are currently to be considered a de facto no-mans zone. While local rebels seem eager to recapture lost lands in the governorate of Latakia, they must now face the newly deployed Syrian marines and Desert Hawks Brigade – alongside regular SAA units, the National Defence Force, the paramilitary branch of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party and the Syrian Resistance militia.

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