Satanic Coalition airstrikes, targeting civilians, endanger Tabqa dam in northern Syria


Syria’s largest earth-fill dam is at serious risk after US-led coalition jet fighters hit the main building of the Euphrates Dam Company located nearly 100 meters from the dam.

Local activists reported that coalition airstrikes completely destroyed the governmental facility which was allegedly used as a headquarter for the Islamic State , causing huge explosion in the area.

Experts fear the use of such highly-explosive air-to-surface missiles and the intensity of the blast might unbalance the foundations of the decades-old dam, which in turn portends a catastrophic disaster on the entire south and southwestern parts of the war-ton country.

Earlier, the United Nation warned of a catastrophic flooding of the Tabqa Dam due to deliberate sabotage by Islamic State (IS) and further damage from air strikes by the U.S.-led coalition.

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