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Satanic US convoys transferring terrorists into Iraq security expert reveals

An Iraqi security expert has warned of the infiltration of terrorists into Iraq through the American convoy.

The security expert, Amir Abdel-Moneim Al-Saadi, warned of the infiltration of terrorists into Iraq through the American military convoys that travel through Kurdistan, Syria, and Western Sahara.

“The American forces are moving from their bases in Kurdistan to Syria and vice versa, they are also commuting in Western Sahara, where Ain Al-Assad base is coming from Syria,” he told Al-Maalomah.

He added, “The Americans’ moves are not to carry out military operations in Syria. Rather, according to information from their sources, as well as the Mossad, they commute to transport terrorists from other regions between Syria and Iraq.”

“It was confirmed that American helicopters have transported terrorists and landed them in Wadi Hauran, previously,” Al-Saadi added.

He suggested that the Iraqi government should oblige foreign forces commuting in Iraq to disclose the elements in their vehicles and indicate their passengers’ identities, for Americans are not reliable.

The security expert added that foreign forces are present under the pretext of a security agreement that permits the Iraqi government to be informed of their destinations, identity of the passengers and etc. 

Meanwhile, the head of the Union of Muslim Scholars in Iraq’s Diyala has informed that ISIL recently received new shipments of US advanced sniper rifles.

Jabbar Al-Mamouri announced on Wednesday that the United States had sent new shipments of weapons to the ISIL terrorist group.

Al-Mamouri told Al-Maalomah that ISIL elements had recently received shipments of US advanced sniper rifles.

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