Sayyed Hakim, Ismail Haniyeh, felicitate Larijani on re-election



Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), al-Hakim, and the top Hamas leader, Haniyeh, called Iran’s top MP, Larijani, to congratulate his re-election as the Speaker of Parliament.

Iran’s national broadcasting, IRIB, reported that the Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), Ammar al-Hakim, had a phone conversation, on Thursday morning, with Ali Larijani on the occasion of being re-elected as the Speaker of the 10th Parliament.

In his phone conversation with Ali Larijani, Ammar al-Hakim has offered greetings for the re-election and gratitude for all the supports Larijani offered in backing democracy and political tranquility in Iraq.

In response Larijani thanked al-Hakim for the message and voiced his satisfaction with the recent victories of Iraqis against terrorists. Larijani described al-Hakim as a wise player contributing to political stability in Iraq.

“Now that Palestinians’ Intifada is being continued in the West Bank, and the long siege of Gaza is still in effect, the resistance is stronger than ever,” said Top Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in another phone conversation Larijani had on Thursday morning.

Haniyeh made the remark after offering greetings for the re-election of Larijani and expressing gratitude for Larijani’s support of the oppressed nation of Palestine.

“Like always, we appreciate the supportive approach of Iranian officials, and we pray honorably for the success of Iran’s nation and Leader,” underlined Haniyeh.

Larijani reassured the Palestinian official that the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue its support for Palestine.

“While the current mayhem in the Islamic World and the struggle with terrorist groups have bestowed opportunities to the Israeli regime, the resistance undertaken by Hamas and other Palestinian resisting groups heralds a bright future for Palestine,” said Larijani stressing that the advise provided by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution are clear and straight, and compass the Iranian executive and legislative branches.

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