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Sayyed Nasrallah: Retaliation Inevitable, All Threats & Intimidation Will Not Prevent It

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah confirmed that the retaliation to the Israeli aggression in Dahiyeh was imminent regardless of the enemy threatening and menacing.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Muharram mourning ceremonies in Sayyed Shohadaa complex on Saturday night, Sayyed Nasrallah said Hezbollah appreciates the Lebanese stance concerning the Israeli aggression on Beirut’s southern suburb last week. “There was a national consensus on condemning what happened (in Dahiyeh) and considering it as a real aggression against Lebanon,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, hailing specifically the official stance of the Lebanese President Michel Aoun, Prime Minister Saad Hariri as well as that of Speaker Nabih Berri.

Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu adopted the aggressive actions in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, adding “the Lebanese official and public stance was very important because the enemy strives on inciting people against the resistance.” “We should stop at Berri’s call to Amal movement to keep vigilant and ready, that means the resistance with all its factions and movements has a firm and coherent stance, cutting road against any delusions,” his eminence confirmed.

Concerning the venue of the resistance retaliation, Sayyed Nasrallah said it will be in Lebanon, not necessarily from Shebaa farms.

“The first retaliation on the Israeli aggression would be initiating our right to down Israeli drones,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, adding that the Israeli enemy should know well that the Lebanese airspace is not open to its drones and daily violations. The UN Security Council and all embassies that are calling officials today, have made no effort to stop the Israeli air violations in the past, his eminence indicated. “The Resistance will choose the right time and place to target the Israeli drones in our airspace,” the Hezbollah leader said.

We will follow a specific strategy, if commit ourselves to drop any drone then the Israeli will send us dozens daily to deplete our capabilities, the S.G. assured.

Sayyed Nasrallah revealed that the drones’ mission was deploying IEDs and detonating them. “The preliminary data from the drone did not show the presence of an explosive device, but on Monday the experts found a bomb in the drone, and therefore we are before a bombing attack without obvious Israeli fingerprints, but it is Allah’s mercy that led us to detect the operation, which forced the Israeli to confess it.”

Commenting on the Israeli claim that the Israeli drones in Dahiyeh were targeting a plant for producing precision-guided missiles, Sayyed Nasrallah said Netanyahu invented this claim to serve him as a pretext to attack Lebanon. “We are before a clear Israeli aggression, and Netanyahu’s claim of the existence of precision-guided missile factories was a pretext to justify targeting Lebanon and break the rules of engagement to impose new ones. Netanyahu wants to convince his people that he’s doing a great job, but he’s lying,” Sayyed Nasrallah said.

“There’s no plant for making precision-guided missiles in the place where the drones fell in Dahiyeh,” his eminence said, adding that Hezbollah doesn’t have any plant for producing precision-guided missiles, affirming that Hezbollah has enough missiles of that kind.

“Retaliating the Israeli aggression is inevitable,” Hezbollah leader assured. “Even enemies and adversaries say they understand our right to retaliate, but they try to convince us not to make any reaction or that the retaliation comes modest, but for us it’s not a matter of dignity rather than to affirm the rules of engagement and the logic of protection against any new Israeli aggression,” he said, adding that breaching the Lebanese airspace will open doors for assassinations through drones, “this can’t be tolerated.”

“‘Israel’ should pay the price, all the Israeli threatening and menacing will not keep us from retaliating.”

Sayyed Nasrallah concluded by saying that the resistance is not concerned with revealing any data about the retaliation. “Speculations in this regard are groundless, it’s the mission of field commanders who know exactly what to do, in terms of its time and scale. We intend to keep the enemy confused as it is now.”

“As President Aoun said, we will prove to the whole world that Lebanon is not a country open to aggression,” Sayyed Nasrallah ended up saying.

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