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Sayyed Nasrallah: Syria Real Prop for Resistance, Big Surprise Awaits Zionists

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah confirms that Syria is more than a crossing for Hezbollah’s

military supports, but it is a real prop for resistance.

In a televised speech marking the sixth anniversary of the July 2006 victory, Sayyed Nasrallah talked about Resistance security achievements during the July war that unveiled a typical and unique Israeli failure, promising that there was a surprise awaiting the Zionist entity in the comming war.

His eminence also stressed Hezbollah’s good relations with Free Patriotic Movement MP Michel Aoun.



Sayyed Nasrallah reviewed the events of July war, citing Israeli confessions over their failure in the year of 2006.

“Zionists have always sought achievements and they deceive and claim about a huge and typical achievement in an operation that took place in July they called it the typical operation. The Zionists claimed they have gathered very important and sensitive information and that they know all Hezbollah’s rockets launchers which are Iranian made,” his eminence said.

“After an hour on the ratification of the operation, more that 40 warplanes attacked more that 40 targets during 34 minutes. They thought the operation was achieved and all specified targets like Fajr 3 and Fajr 5 rocket launchers were destroyed. On the next day, [Israeli President Shimon] Peres announced that Israel won and Hezbollah Secretary General fled to Damascus. But I was still in Dahiyeh.”

“ [Head of the Israeli military Dan] Halutz then claimed that they destroyed 60 to 70% of Hezbollah’s rocket ability,” his eminence unveiled.

However, Sayyed Nasrallah said the Islamic resistance discovered the enemy moves on the medium range rockets launchers and indulged with them in their game and helped them gather information. “The first security achievement was that the Resistance was aware that the Israeli knew the posts of the launchers. The second security achievement was that the resistance was able to bring the launchers out of those posts without the Israelis being aware of that. What happened was that the launchers were out of their real places and began the fighting that lasted for 33 days and were able to strike Tel Aviv.”

Hezbollah Secretary General assured people that amid all the noise there has been a resistance and resistance fighters who have been working night and day on the conflict with the enemy and they would not be distracted by any shouting from here or there.

“We in the Resistance are not concerned with those who do not want to admit that the enemy was defeated, we’re concerned with the Israelis who have been holding seminars and discussions involving high-ranking leaders and all of them acknowledge the defeat.”

“We know that the enemy is working night and day to gather information about our rocket launchers and I call on them to draw lessons from their mistakes. We know what your [Israeli enemy] first strike will be and we promise you a big surprise,” his eminence said.

“Of course I want the Lebanese people and all the peoples to be very confident in the Resistance’s capabilities and to know that in this region we have the heart and will to organize, manage, fight and eventually win,” Sayyed Nasrallah noted.
“Our fate is not defeat and failure like most Arab rulers claim, we’ll prevail. As we achieved the great victories in 2000 and 2006, we are capable of achieving a greater victory in any coming war. This is the message of the July war,” Sayyed Nasrallah further said.

The first goal was to crush the Resistance, Sayyed Nasrallah said, adding that the Israelis wanted Syria to be next.
“If the resistance was to be crushed, the war was aimed then at Syria on the pretext that Syria helped the resistance. The second goal was to overthrow the Assad regime and subject it to the American-Israeli scheme.”
Turning to Syria’s big role in the resistance, the secretary general assured the Americans’ problem is Syria, but not any Syria. “The Syria of Abdul Halim Khaddam is not a problem, but rather the Syria of Bashar Assad.”

Turning to Syria’s big role in the resistance, the secretary general assured the Americans’ problem is Syria, but not any Syria. “The Syria of Abdul Halim Khaddam is not a problem, but rather the Syria of Bashar Assad.”

“Syria is a big problem for the Americans and Israelis because Syria is the real supporter for the resistance and especially at the military level. Syria was not only a passageway for the Resistance, but also a real military supporter of the Resistance. For example, the most important missiles that fell on Haifa and central Israel were Syrian-made missiles,” Sayyed Nasrallah said.

“The most important weapons we fought with during the July war were from Syria, not only in Lebanon but also in the Gaza Strip. The missiles delivered to Gaza managed to force more than a million settlers to stay in bunkers and frightened Tel Aviv. When the Arab regimes were barring bread and money from entering Gaza, Syria was sending weapons along with food for Gaza and risked for that.”

“This is Syria, the Syria of Bashar Assad and martyr Leaders Assef Shawkat, Dawoud Rajiha and Hassan Turkmani,” His eminence said, while condemning the deadly suicide attack at the Syrian National Security headquarter in Damascus that killed and injured ministers and high ranking security officials.

“We reiterate our call for preserving Syria and the only solution is accepting dialogue. As we feel the loss of today’s martyrs, we extend our condolences to their families and to the Syrian leadership. These martyr leaders were comrades-in-arms in the conflict with the Israeli enemy and we are confident that the Arab Syrian Army, which overcame the unbearable, will be able persist and crush the hopes of the enemies.”

“They sought after the July war to destroy the Syrian army and the U.S. took advantage of rightful demands of the Syrian people, prevented dialogue and turned Syria into a war zone because the objective is destroying and fragmenting Syria, like they did in Iraq,” Hezbollah S.G. stressed.

Sayyed Nasrallah slammed some sides in Lebanon who were to stab the Resistance rather than achieve a national accomplishment for Lebanon.

“Israel abandoned all its conditions and gained a minor thing in the UN resolution 1701. Had there been national and political solidarity in Lebanon and had some knives in Lebanon not been aimed at our backs?” his eminence wondered.
“Achievements on the last days of negotiations were to be possible, but some sides were helping Israel exit its quagmire.”

Sayyed Nasrallah assured people that a resistance which couldn’t be harmed in a war like the July war, won’t be harmed by cursers here and there.

Concerning the Lebanese Army and the huge campaign aimed at it, Sayyed Nasrallah warned that accusing it of sectarianism was weakening it.
“The most thing that weakens the Lebanese army these days is accusing it with sectarianism and questioning its patriotism and impartiality,” Sayyed Nasrallah said.

“The army has proved during previous years its patriotism and neutralism and that it forms a national guarantee. We want a strong army, but I tell the government and the national dialogue committee that to have a strong army we must first have a strong will, which means we must not fear the U.S. ambassador or the U.S. generals.”

On the Iranian offer to arm the Lebanese army, his eminence said America won’t give the Lebanese army strong weapons for fear it may fight Israel. “The excuse that they are not supplying weapons to the army so that they don’t end up in our hands is nothing but lies, as we do not need the army’s weapons. Give the army weapons, we don’t want arms from it and we won’t take it even if it was found at streets. Iran offered to give weapons to the army as a donation or for very low prices because it wants the Lebanese army to be strong. Who dares to take decision to accept a gift from Iran?” Sayyed Nasrallah wondered.

His eminence warned that some are paying money and inciting in the media to ruin the country. “That’s why we must abide by the silence of the strong and everyone knows that we are not weak, but we put the national interest above everything.”

“I call for calmness among people and not to be provocated because there’s some who want to drive us to chaos,” Sayyed Nasrallah said after some have been inciting sectarian strife in Lebanon and outside over a toy it was claimed to be Dahiyeh-made toy.

“I call for an honor covenant that he who harms any sect would be silenced by the sons of his sect.”

Sayyed Nasrallah confirmed the firmness in the relationship with the Free Patriotic Movement and its leader General Michel Aoun. “We stress our strategic relation with everyone and we stress our respect, appreciation and alliance with Aoun and the members of his movement and his supporters.”

“We stress that what we built throughout six difficult years cannot be undermined by a dispute or demands over a social issue,” his eminence added.

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