Sayyed Safieddine: It is Our Duty to Doubt All Regimes that lived in Truce with “Israel” for Years

Head of Hizbullah Executive Council His Eminence Sayyed Hashem Safieddine indicated that Hizbullah’s stances, and since the first day of Arab revolutions, regarding the events occurring in the region, stemmed from its approach towards the Palestinian cause, and its defense of the oppressed nations.

He indicated that the “ruler” that didn’t hold enmity for “Israel”, cannot act on the affairs of the Arab and Islamic nation, or talk about the revolutions of the democracy-seeking nations.
Also, Sayyed Safieddine confirmed, “It is our right and duty to doubt all these rulers and regimes which lived for years and decades in a state of truce with the Zionist enemy”.

“They also tended to hush the voice of the nations and stand in the face of the central Palestinian cause, which is the concern of all Islamic nations”, Head of Hizbullah Executive Council further noted.
On another hand, His Eminence believed that “the sons of the resistance and its today’s community is in the heart of the challenge; where they confront ongoing and consecutive media campaigns, by means of lies, fabrications and exaggerations, without any moral or humane deterrent”.

Moreover, he indicated that as “the campaigns increase with their vicious nature to target the resistance, its power elements, icons, martyrs, culture and community, then we know that the resistance has become tougher and more presentable than before”.
“All what’s occurring, whether in Lebanon or on the level of Syria or the region, is an episode of the Western-US-“Israeli” conspiracy episodes to defeat the resistance, in an attempt to weaken it”.

He also affirmed that the resistance is still present in its weapon, strength, force, effect, and equation which it imposed on Lebanon and the region.

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