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Scared zionist Troops Appear on Lebanon’s Border Two Days After Hezbollah Attack: Mannequins Returned to Stores

Two days after Hezbollah launched a rocketry attack on an Israeli military vehicle in Avivim settlement, the enemy’s troops appeared Tuesday on Lebanon’s border and patrolled the area, according to Al-Manar correspondent Ali Shoaib.

The Islamic Resistance circulated Monday a footage which showed the rocketry attack on the Zionist military vehicle which took place one day earlier, displaying clearly how two Kornet missiles destroyed it and killed or injured all soldiers on board.

Shoaib showed in a video the Israeli personnel carriers taking a border road behind the fence, stressing that fear clearly controls the enemy’s movement.

Al-Manar correspondent also displayed a photo which shows the vehicle boarding the scandalous mannequins being moved away from the border area to “Rubi” clothing store in Motella settlement 200 meters away from Alaska hotel.

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