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Scholars: Islam is innocent of the killers

20131230-200224_hMinister of Endowments Mohammad Abdul-Satar al-Sayyed said that Islam is innocent of the killers, extremists who have come to Syria and perpetrated the ugliest crimes by the name of Islam, including the assassination of scholars, abducting the patriarchs, nuns and slaughtering the citizens.

“The scholars have to direct the people with a discourse that enlightens them and focuses on uncovering the takfiri mentality which instigates terrorists to perpetrate brutal massacres against Syrians by the name of Islam,” the Minister said at a session of the 4th gathering of clergymen and scholars in Lattakia.

For his part, Chairman of the Levant Scholars’ Union Mohammad Tawfik al-Bouti added that Islam has dealt which Christians in tolerance and coexistence as they are partners and brothers of Muslims.

“The conspiracy against Syria is not religious, as most of those who stood in the face of the Syrian state were seculars but they used religion as gown to carry out their plots,” al-Bouti affirmed.

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