Scores of ISIL Terrorists Killed in Syrian Army Mop-up Operation, US-Made Weapons Seized in Sweida Desert

More than 270 ISIL terrorists have been killed and a number of US-made TOW anti-tank missiles have been seized in the Syrian Army’s mop-up operation in the Eastern desert of Sweida, a Russian media outlet reported on Monday.

The Arabic-language website of Sputnik quoted Spokesman for the Russian Armed forces Oleg Makarevich as reporting that the Syrian Army continued its cleansing operation in the Eastern desert of Sweida, hunting over 270 ISIL terrorists.

The Arabic Sputnik further said that the army also seized a large volume of arms and ammunition and landmines, adding that a sum of 12 US-made TOW anti-tank missiles was found at terrorists’ positions.

The news agency pointed to the rugged terrain and bad weather conditions in Sweida desert during the army operation, and said that the Damascus forces first destroyed ISIL’s supply lines and bases to pave the ground for easier liberation of the region from the terrorists.

The army forces launched their operation in the Eastern desert of Sweida and purged almost 3,000 sq/km of land of ISIL after the terrorist group attacked Sweida city and its nearby villages in late June, killing and injuring a large number of civilians.

The army men that captured the entire Toloul al-Safa rugged terrain last month and started mop-up operation in the Eastern desert of Sweida immediately after. During the operation, the army seized control over a large number of regions, including Tal Marati, Sotoh al-Mahriqahaf al-Kawaber, al-Mosaha, Jour al-Hasaan, Jour Qarimah, Mobabyat, al-Motalah, Satah al-Jamal, al-Khazrah, Soto Salmi and al-Jafajef.

A large number of ISIL terrorists, including commanders, were killed and a large volume their military equipment were destroyed in the army operation.

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