Secretary-General of ICP: Sacrilegious move regarded as modern crusade


The Secretary-General of the Islamic Coalition Party, Mohammad-Nabi Habibi, said on Sunday that the sacrilegious move of French magazine Charlie Hebdo should be regarded as part of Islamophobia project.

They have waged crusades and it is our responsibility to stay on the side of the prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Habibi said.

According to the Public Relations Department of Islamic Coalition Party, speaking for members of the party, Habibi said sacrilegious move of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo is part of Islamophobia project masterminded by the west and mainly the US.

All should stand against such atrocities and with reliance on God and taking advantage of Muslims, seriously deal with them, he said.

Western propaganda machine has ignited its engine to profane Muslims’ sanctities, mainly the wholly prophet (PBUH), Habibi said.

He advised the board in charge of screening the press and the government to express their stands explicitly.

A massive wave in the world of Islam has been shaped to strongly deal with those masterminding the crusades, he said.

Last week, there was a rally in Paris under pretext to lodge campaign against terrorism and the most hatred terrorist i.e. Netanyahu on the first row, he said.

‘We have not forgotten that former US President George W. Bush after the September 11 incident said, ‘We are on the early stages of a new round of crusades and French premier so many years ago that their war in Afghanistan was a good example of crusade,’ he said.

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