Seddiqi: Presidential elections proved fake nature of 09 fraud claims


This week’s Tehran’s Friday Prayer leader has referred to recent elections as a divine blessing, arguing that Iran’s presidential election not only disheartened the enemy, but also proved the fake nature of claims on occurrence of fraud in 2009 elections.

According to IRNA, Hojjatoleslam Kazem Seddiqi noted that the enemy had prepared all its plans aimed at discrediting the elections so that the people’s enthusiasm for attending the election ballot boxes would die down and the national unity would be harmed.
He added, “Yet, God turned this election into another scene of putting on display His Immense Might, and you dear nation, too, showed that you deserved this divine blessing.”
Hojjatoleslam Seddiqi referred to the illuminating comments of the Supreme Leader of revolution during the election campaign, saying, “The Supreme Leader injected farsightedness (in the nations brains) and with his highly awakening comments made this political epics creation possible.”
The provisional Friday Prayers imam of Tehran also referred to the June 23rd catastrophe in Egypt (in which a number of Shia families were beheaded there), saying, “That catastrophe was the ringing of a hazard alarm for the entire Islamic world, because the world oppressors have been for years introducing the Salafi sect with the music of death, looting, and aggression to the Muslim world (and beyond) in a bid to convince the world nations that Islam is a harsh religion, deprived of sound mentality.”
Seddiqi said, “That sect (the Salafies) was created with pre-planned incentives, to serve as a part of the seditionist moves against the Muslims.”
He added, “Aggression, murder and beheading have no place in the world today, and are practices of the remote past and cruelties of barbarian nature, although the occurrence of such catastrophes in some Islamic countries has led to globalizing of the type of Islam that was promoted by the late Imam Khomeini which is another sign of our camps further expansion.”

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