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Sedition leaders are US and UK: Aref

Sedition leaders are US and UK

First Deputy of reformist government reminded local journalists and reporters in Uromia that the real sedition leaders are the US and the UK.
Mohammadreza Aref talked about the seditious leaders and said: “The Supreme Leader in the meeting with people in Qom in 2010 stressed that the leader of sedition are the US and the UK.

He added: “but this sedition must be analyzed carefully by the expert in the appropriate atmosphere, and various groups and individuals accept its appropriate responsibilities accordingly. But the platform should not just be for certain few and no opportunity for the

According to MNA, Aref who was visiting East-Azarbaijan province, referring to the election said: “the upcoming presidential election is very important and considering the designation of this year, you would agree with me that the greatest example of ‘Political Saga’ is coming elections. So we should all strive to have inclusive and vibrant election that can be a bold move, and can be called ‘Epic’.”

Member of the Expediency Council continued: “at this point we are trying to bring in some of our friends who may have paid unnecessary toll, for any reasons, in the election of 2009, and to encourage some of the activists of the country by passing through the past, and looking to the future to come to the election scene.”

Aref said: “in foreign policy, we respect the rights of other countries, and never come to put ourselves in a position of world leadership, and give guidance to the world while we have not solved our own problems. We are responsible for our domestic realm and we must defend our rights. We will not negotiate from a weak position. If we negotiate from a week position, conditions will be imposed on us.”

Member of the Expediency Council also talked about his positions on Palestine and Lebanon and said: “We will work in the framework of the overall diplomacy of the world politics. Palestine has been our slogan of the revolution. Oppressed Palestinians have been displaced, and we will pursue the question of Palestine, as a religious and national duty.”

He added: “Our position is that the Palestinians shall return to their own homeland, and they shall determine their own government. If the worlds come to this realization, the Palestinian problem is easily solved. We recognize all countries except the apartheid Israel.”

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