Senior Iranian Cleric Lauds Huge Turnout at Anti-US Rallies of November

 Tehran’s provisional Friday Prayers leader Hojjatoleslam Kazzem Seddiqi hailed the massive turnout at nationwide rallies of November 4, when Iranians mark the anniversary of the former US embassy takeover, and said that public support for the rally meant a big no to any new talks with Washington.

Speaking during today’s Friday Prayers sermon in Tehran, Ayatollah Seddiqi hailed people’s massive turnout in the rallies to mark the 40th anniversary of the US embassy takeover by the Iranian students, and lambasted the United States for its hostility and illegitimate actions such as its unilateral withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal of 2015, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

The senior cleric further praised the Iranian students who, on November 4, 1979, took over the US embassy in Tehran, known as the den of espionage in Iran as the building was revealed later, by surveying the seized documents, to be used by Washington for spying on and plotting against the newly established democracy in Iran.

He also said that people’s participation in this year’s rallies for marking the anniversary of the US embassy takeover was a big no to talks with Washington, saying that people in over 1,000 cities across the country attended the rallies to close the door to any negotiations with the US forever.

He also scorned the French President’s call on Iran for negotiating with the US, stressing that the domestic missile capabilities are non-negotiable.

Seddiqi also called on the Iranian authorities to only rely on domestic resources as the only solution to the economic problems.

The cleric referred to the US role in the 1953 coup in Iran and condemned the US’ long history of hostility towards the Iranian nation.

On Monday morning, Iranian people from all walks of life, including school and university students, took to the streets to mark the anniversary of the US embassy takeover in 1979 and commemorate the National Day of Campaign against Global Arrogance and the National Student Day in massive rallies.

Participants in the annual rally in front of the former US embassy in Tehran known by Iranians as “the den of espionage” carried placards deploring the US hegemonic policies in the world, and set fire at the US and Israeli flags to show protest at their crimes against other nations.

Speaking in a cabinet session on Sunday afternoon, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that November 4 marks the participation of the Iranian students in the overall movement of the Iranian nation towards independence.

He added that the occasion shows that the Iranian students vigilantly chose the justice-seeking path, saying that the embassy takeover was a reaction to the US intervention in Iran’s internal affairs as it had done during the 1953 coup.

The president further recalled the US re-imposition of sanctions on November 4 last year, noting that the US sanctioning policy against Iran has failed.

He added that Americans must have realized they are not following a winning path through the sanctions. 

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