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Senior Iranian MP Calls for Ban on CNN News Network

Senior Iranian MP Calls for Ban on CNN News Network

Mohammad Saleh Jokar, a ranking member of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, condemned the recent fabrication of the Iranian President’s remarks by CNN, and called for an immediate ban on the American news network.
Jokar said some news channels like CNN are reflecting the Zionist regime’s thoughts, and explained that most of CNN’s media policies are planned by the Israelis who try to isolate Iran in the Middle-East region and call the Iranian nation and government ‘the axis of evil’.

He said CNN has adopted contradictory policies towards Iran in recent years, but all in all it has always tried to serve the goal of the Zionists who seek to portray Iran as an enemy state geared towards developing an atomic bomb.

The senior legislator further condemned CNN for fabricating President Rouhani’s remarks during a last week interview on the sidelines of the 68th UN General Assembly meeting in New York, and underlined, “CNN’s refusal to convey its apology to the Iranian nation is rooted in its long-time enmity towards the Islamic Revolution, therefore, this network should be banned and boycotted.”

On Tuesday, September 24, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour conducted an interview with President Rouhani on the sidelines of the 68th Session of the UN General Assembly in New York which was full of not just mistranslations, but fabrication and falsification of the president’s remarks about the Holocaust.
While the Iranian president did not recognize the Holocaust, the CNN aired a translation which contained several words and sentences which were not uttered by the Iranian President. For a full detail of discrepancies, mistranslations and fabrications click here, here and here.

After FNA protested at the CNN’s move, the American network stood by the translation and its report.

Later several reputable world media, including the Wall Street Journal, approved of FNA’s claims and criticized CNN.

FNA asked CNN to correct the translation, air it again and extend an apology, but the American network has refused to do so.

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