Senior MP Dismisses Claims about Iran’s Interference in Egypt as Baseless

fathi20110815045758327Iran is concerned about the ongoing crisis in Egypt, but it would never interfere in the Arab country’s domestic affairs, a prominent Iranian lawmaker stressed, rejecting the claim made by an Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman to the opposite.
“The world knows that Iran does not at all interfere in Egypt’s internal affairs, although it is concerned about Egypt’s conditions due to the unrests and we believe that Egypt’s revolutionary nation deserve to leave behind this crisis at the earliest and restore tranquility to the Arab country,” Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi said Tuesday.

“The statements by the Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman on Iran’s interference in Egypt’s domestic crisis are a projection of the blame for the inability to manage that country’s internal affairs and divert the attention of the public opinion from the realities on the ground in that country,” Boroujerdi added.

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Badr Abdelatty recently claimed that “Iran interferes” in his country’s internal affairs.

The Egyptian armed forces last week deposed President Mohamed Mursi and suspended the country’s constitution. Egyptian Defense Minister Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi said in a televised address to the nation that the head of Egypt’s Constitutional Court, Adly Mahmud Mansour, would lead the country during the transition period until an early presidential election is held.

Dozens have reportedly been killed and hundreds injured in clashes between Mursi supporters and opponents across the country since Mursi’s ouster from power.

Fifty-one people, mostly loyalists of Mursi, were killed outside an army barracks in Cairo on Monday.

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