Senior Terrorist Commander Killed in Syrian Army Operations in Hama


Informed military officials announced on Sunday that one of the key commanders of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) was killed in the an operation of the government troops in the Central Hama province.

The sources said that Marwan Mohammad Al-Farj was killed in an attack by the Syrian army troops near Sukayk fighting area in Hama.

The sources added that the Syrian army is advancing against the militant groups in Sukayk area, and is pushing back the terrorists from their hideouts.

On Friday, several modern Russian military helicopters provided massive air backup for the Syrian Ground Force in their operations against the militants’ positions in Hama province, resulting in the recapture of some new areas, including al-Bahsa.

The Sources said that the Russian MI-24 Helicopter Gunships provided very good protection coverage over the Syrian army troops in their operations against the terrorists of Jeish al Fateh in Hama province.

The sources added that the Syrian army and the country’s National Defense Forces were provided protection from the Russian MI-24 Helicopter Gunships that propelled the aforementioned units past the stiff defenses of Jeish Al-Fateh inside al-Bahsa.

Before long, the Syrian Armed Forces found themselves in full control of al-Bahsa after they entered and secured the Southern flank of this town in the Western countryside of the al-Ghaab Plains.

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