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Seven Britons killed in Kandahar

Two bomb explosions have ripped through Afghanistan’s southern city of Kandahar, killing several people, at least seven Britons, and injuring scores of others.

The first bomb was planted in a vehicle abandoned in front of a hotel. It went off on Thursday, destroying several shops and injuring at least six people.

The second blast happened some three hours later, when a bomber rammed his explosive-laden vehicle into a compound accommodating foreigners. Seven foreign workers, believed to be British, died in the incident.

So far no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The security situation in Kandahar has been deteriorating since it was revealed that Afghan and US-led NATO forces plan to launch a military crackdown on militants in the city.

Meanwhile, a Press TV correspondent has learnt that many of the foreign security companies present in Afghanistan are not registered and are operating with impunity.

Among the security firms operating illegally in the country are Xe Services LLC (formerly known as Blackwater) and DynCorp. These firms have been repeatedly blamed for killing civilians.

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