Several Civilians Killed by Satanic US-Backed SDF Terrorists in Hasaka Camp

A number of civilians were killed and wounded in a refugee camp in Hasaka amid heightened tensions between people and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Eastern Euphrates.

Local sources in Hasaka province reported on Thursday that the residents of al-Arisheh camp in Southern Hasaka held rallies against the SDF actions and the grave humanitarian conditions in the camp.

They added that the SDF fighters fired at them to suppress the popular uprising, killing 3 civilians, including a child, and severely injuring over 4 others.

The sources said that tensions have increased in the camp and adjacent villages between civilians and the US-backed forces, adding that a large number of SDF militants have been deployed in these regions and have closed the entrances of the town of al-Shadadi to prevent the spread of people’s protest rallies.

The SDF’s bad behavior and crimes against civilians in Deir Ezzur and Hasaka have fomented tensions in the two provinces in recent months.

In a relevant development last month, people set on fire a military base of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces in a popular uprising in Eastern Deir Ezzur as protests against the SDF have intensified in Eastern Syria.

A large number of residents of the towns and villages of Abu Hardoub, Zabian, al-Zaman, al-Basira, al-Hawayej, al-Sweidan and Al-Shahil in Eastern Deir Ezzur held protest rallies against the SDF’s measures and called for expulsion of the Kurdish fighters from the areas they have occupied.

The popular uprising took place after six civilians were killed and four others were injured in a new round of crimes by the SDF and the US-led coalition against civilians in the town of al-Shahil.

Citizens in the town of al-Shahil set ablaze an SDF centers in this region.

Meantime, the residents of al-Basireh and Sweidan towns attacked the SDF posts and drove them out of the region.

Moreover, a large number of residents of the town of Olveh al-Shamsani in Southern Deir Ezzur also revolted against the SDF fighters.

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