Several Terrorists Killed in Clashes with Civilians in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta


Several terrorists were killed in clashes with civilians in Eastern Damascus as the terrorists have been blocking civilians’ exit from Eastern Ghouta via humanitarian corridors, the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria reported on Friday.

The Russian center said that people in the town of Douma engaged in heavy fighting with terrorists after execution of four civil activists by the terrorists, adding that the terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta execute those who try to leave the region.

It went on to say that three terrorists were killed in the clashes with people in Douma.

Also, the terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta kept shooting at civilians on Thursday to prevent their exit from the embattled region during the daily truce hours.

Field sources reported that the terrorists attacked the civilians and prevented their evacuation despite the start of daily ceasefire in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus.

Meantime, al-Mayadeen TV reported that the militants detained tens of families, residing in Eastern Ghouta, in al-Hal market in Douma, preventing their move towards the humanitarian corridor specified for evacuating civilians.

The terrorists stationed in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus blocked civilians’ exit from the region in the past two days after the humanitarian ceasefire agreement was put into effect.

The terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta also kept shooting at civilians on Wednesday to prevent their exit during the daily truce hours.

The terrorist groups deployed snipers near the corridors that have been specified by the Syrian government for the safe pass of civilians out of the town, shooting at anyone who intends to leave Eastern Ghouta for safer regions.

The humanitarian corridor at al-Wafedin camp was set up to be used by civilians during the five-hour-long daily ceasefire.

The Syrian Army declared that it provided all the necessary logistical backup for the transfer of civilians via the corridor. The terrorists have also been shooting at the Syrian army convoy in charge of transferring civilians who manage to get through the safe pass.

Meantime, local sources reported that the terrorists carried out nine cases of rocket and mortar attacks on Dhahiya al-Assad region in Harasta in Eastern Damascus.

They added that areas near the al-Wafedin camp’s humanitarian corridor came under terrorists’ mortar attack.

The Syrian state-run news agency also reported on Wednesday that a civilian was killed and 5 others were injured in the terrorist groups’ rocket attack on Dwela’a region in Damascus province.

SANA reported that 12 civilians were injured when terrorists positioned in some areas in Ghouta targeted a number of areas in Damascus countryside.

SANA quoted a source at Interior Ministry as saying that three civilians were injured and material damage was caused due to terrorist rocket attack on al-Wafideen Camp, surroundings of al-Assad residential suburb in Harasta, and Ibn Sina Hospital.

Also, a source at Damascus Countryside Police Command told SANA that terrorist groups fired three rockets at a region near Daff al-Sakhir and al-Naseem areas in the town of Jaramana, injuring 9 civilians, including a woman who is in critical situation.

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