Shamkhani to al-Ahed: Iraq Dented ’ISIS’…Syria Proved the Resistance’s Capacity


The Secretary General of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani, asserted that supporting the countries resisting and fighting terrorism must be on top of the priorities of the region’s dossiers, indicating that the Islamic Republic sees that it must shoulder the responsibility of working on restoring stability and calm in the region. “We shall spare no effort in that respect, especially in offering support for the countries fighting terrorism,” he said.

In an interview with al-Ahed news site, Shamkhani regretted that terrorism had expanded for the past months, adding that Iraq, Syria and Lebanon were the most damaged by this epidemic.

Tackling the headway of the crisis in Syria, the Iranian top official considered that Damascus triumph over the pro-terrorism front had taught the world a lesson and proved the capacity and the strength of the Resistance in the region. “Everybody today is convinced that if “ISIS” tool over Syria, other countries like Lebanon and Jordan would be endangered,” he added. He also underlined that reconstruction of the demolished area in Syria must be among everyone’s priorities.

On the situation in Iraq
Shamkhani maintained that Iran’s support for Iraq in terms of fighting terrorism had begot significant results, including protecting Baghdad and Erbil from “ISIS” grip, contributed to liberating tens of towns, and boosted the morale of the Iraqi army. He said that “ISIS” was dented in Iraq. He also held out hope that the Iraqi government people would eventually triumph, highlighting the necessity of solidarity and national unity in the face of Takfiri organizations.

On the situation in Lebanon
Turning to Lebanon, the Secretary General of the Iranian Supreme Security Council reminded of his country’s readiness to offer assistance to the Lebanese Armed Forces, especially that this matter was seriously on-the-table during the visit to Tehran of Lebanese Defense Minister Samir Moqbel. “We are still loyal to our promise,” he underscored.

Shamkhani continued: “Some countries have already spoken during the past years of supporting the Lebanese army but they did not keep their word. However, Iran shall not be reluctant in offering help when the Lebanese side asks for it.”
He added: “We see that supporting Lebanon is necessary in order that it should be capable of fighting terrorism that is today stalking it.”
He also wondered at some statements on rejecting the Iranian support for the Lebanese army, saying that such refusal only serves the Zionist enemy.

On the US-led international coalition to fight “ISIS”
Shamkhani sees that facing terrorism must be done through assisting the countries resisting it, such as supporting the Lebanese army in its battles with terrorists in a number of border towns, instead of forming ineffective international coalitions seeking to score different goals. He also tackled the failure of the US-led international coalition to fight terrorism, considering that “ISIS” is the result of the erroneous steps and method adopted by some states.

“Israel” treating “ISIS” and al-Nusra wounded

Commenting on the hospitalization of “ISIS” and al-Nusra Front injured in the Zionist entity, Shamkhani said that this proved the groups’ affiliation and collaboration with “Israel.”
It is to note that Shamkhani, born 1956, had a major contribution to the foundation and the leadership of the student and rebellious groups during the Islamic Revolution. He is the co-founder of the Revolution Guards.

After the end of the war imposed on Iran, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khameni appointed him as the Commander of the Maritime Force in the Iranian army. He also served as the Minister of Defense when Mohammad Khatami was elected president.

This is when Shamkhani assumed a key role in entrenching Iran’s ties with the region’s states. He also played a considerable role in the establishment of the space and missile industry. Moreover, he introduced the strategy of defensive diplomacy for the first time to the Iranian defensive policy.
Last year, the Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei named Shamkhani to represent him at the Supreme Security Council. President Hassan Rouhani appointed him as the Secretary General of the said Council.

Source: al-Ahed news

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