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Sheffield mayor bans Trump from entering city

US President Donald Trump has been banned from entering the major British city Sheffield during his upcoming state visit to the UK, Lord Mayor Magid Magid says.

Wearing a Sombero traditional Mexican hat, Magid announced his decision during a Sheffield City Council meeting on Wednesday as a show of solidarity with Mexican immigrants.

The mayor was also sporting ceremonial mayoral chains and a black T-shirt that read “Donald Trump is a wasteman,” a slang term for people who lack merit and maturity.

The decision does not really outlaw Trump’s visit because Magid does not have the power to ban anyone from Sheffield, which is one of the country’s largest cities with a population of around 570,000.

Trump is not expected to stop in Sheffield on his upcoming trip later this month, which includes meetings with Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Theresa May.

He may also visit Scotland and play golf at one of the golf courses he owns in Ayrshire and Aberdeenshire.

Magid, himself a former Somali refugee who arrived in the UK at the age of 5, encouraged people to join demonstrations against Trump.

He said Trump was a “wasteman” because of introducing a ban on Mulism from several nations from entering the US, withdrawing from the Paris climate accord, moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem al-Quds despite international outcry, imprisoning immigrant children at US border and refusing to condemn racist groups.

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This is Trump’s first visit to the UK since entering the White House in January 2017. He had postponed the trip on multiple occasions in fear of public protests.

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