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Sheikh Qabalan Calls for Inflicting Severest Penalties on Israeli Collaborator Amer Al-Fakhouri

Head of the Higher Shiite Islamic Council in Lebanon, Sheikh Abdul Amir Qabalan, called for inflicting the severest penalties on the Israeli collaborator Amer Al-Fakhouri, adding that this wold serve as a sample for the destiny of anyone who may get tempted to treachery and collaboration with the Israeli enemy.

Sheikh Qabalan stressed that Fakhoury has a rich record of treachery, murder and torture.

Few days ago, Amer Elias Al Fakhoury, the former military commander of Al Khiyam detention center, arrived in Beirut through its airport.

Al Fakhoury was responsible for a battalion of Antoine Lahad militia agents who guarded Al Khiyam detention center, suppressed the detainees and tortured them brutally.

Al Fakhoury, 56, is from southern Lebanon. He claimed that after a dispute with his bosses, he left Lebanon to the United States in 1998 through Palestine. He was known for his abduction, incarceration and torturing at the Center. Al Fakhoury was the head of the Center with the Chief of Security and Investigation Jean Al Homsi (Abo Nabil) who were directly supervised by the Israeli Intelligence.

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