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Sheikh Qassem: Retaliation to Fakhrizadeh’s Assassination in Iran’s Hands

Hezbollah Deputy Leader Sheikh Naim Qassem said on Friday that the retaliation for the assassination of Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was in Iran’s hands, warning that Hezbollah was fully prepared for any Israeli aggression.

“We condemn this heinous attack and see that the response to this crime is in the hands of those concerned in Iran,” Sheikh Naim Qassem said in an interview with Al-Manar’s Hadith Sa’a (Talk of the Hour).

Sheikh Qassem said Martyr Fakhrizadeh was killed by “those sponsored by America and ‘Israel’” and said the assassination was part of a war on Iran and the region.

However, on the possibility of a direct strike on Iran, His eminence said it was unlikely as it would “ignite the whole region”. “We cannot rule out the possibility of a limited attack and the Iranians are ready for this and more, but I don’t see an all-out war on the horizon,” he said.

Asked whether the Zionist entity could attack Lebanon, Sheikh Qassem said he did not believe so but that if it did Hezbollah was “fully prepared” for a confrontation.
“Hezbollah has achieved many victories, one of which that our country is not dependent on the arrogant America or others, and all the pressure put on Hezbollah is because it has achieved many victories in various fields,” the deputy leader stated. “In spite of everything we are worriless. Rather, we act calmly, we realize the importance of the position we are taking.”

“Hezbollah is always ready for any confrontation and Israel knows very well that any step taken by it will have major consequences.”

Regarding the cabinet formation, Sheikh Qassem said that “the methodology of forming the government and American pressures by various means are the reason for the delay of the government onset. Some are waiting for the inauguration of the new US president so that the government will be in line with the American orientations.” He called on the caretaker government to hold permanent constitutional meetings to deal with popular demands in the absence of the new government.

“There is no problem with Hezbollah in forming the government, and the basis of its formation is the understanding between the two presidents,” Sheikh Qassem said. “The approval of the parliamentary blocs is a prerequisite for forming a government, and this is what the American must understand,” he said, noting that “the Launchpad of the French initiative is economic, and we agree on that in principle and we never accept the hegemony of this initiative.”

“Our problem is with corruption that exists everywhere and not with people, whether they are politicians or specialists to form the government,” Sheikh Qassem emphasized, stressing that “fighting corruption should be through the judiciary, the government, and by activating the supervisory and legal mechanisms, and Hezbollah adheres to it exclusively.”

“Hezbollah rejects any conditional aid and accept aid from the International Monetary Fund after being discussed because we know our country very well,” he added, pointing that “the basic rule in solving our problem in Lebanon is to defend ourselves and work for Lebanon’s interest first, and the US does not scare us.”

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