Sheikh Qawouk: Some Lebanese Betting on Takfiris in Arsal, Qalamoun


Deputy Head of Hezbollah’s Executive Councilm Sheikh Nabil Qawouk, accused some Lebanese sides of betting on Takfiri militants.

“Some Lebanese are covering these Takfiris. They deny their presence and their occupation to Lebanese territories in Arsal barrens, despite their rockets attacks on several Lebanese towns and despite the car bombings which targeted our towns,” Sheikh Qawouk said during a local ceremony in Lebanon’s south.Deputy Head of Hezbollah’s Executive Councilm Sheikh Nabil Qawouk

These moves “contradict to principles of national sovereignty and dignity, since they (these sides) are ignoring and turning a blind eye to the Takfiri threat,” Sheikh Qawouk said.

His eminence noted that “those who asked Israel in 2006 (July War) to occupy Bint Jbeil and to destroy Beirut’s southern suburb (Dahiyeh) are those themselves who are betting on these Syrian-based Takfiris.”

Meanwhile, Sheikh Qawouk stressed that the resistance equation is superior to all stances announced by March 14 powers that are defending these Takfiris and trying to create sectarian strife in Lebanon.

Historic achievements which taking place today in Qalamoun is for the sake of the country, as they defend it against the Takfiri threat, Sheikh Qawouk added.

Source: Al Manar TV

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