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Shia community ready for a just logical debate with Sunni scholars


Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi, top Shia jurisprudent from Iran, has released a message in reaction to Sheikh Abdullah bin Suleiman, member of the Council of Senior Scholars claims challenging Shia clerics for a religious debate, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Part of the message by Iranian scholar reads,” Some Saudi networks have recently issued news that Sheikh Abdullah bin Suleiman, has announced readiness of the Council of Senior Scholars to hold a debate in Saudi Arabia or Iraq and express the right based on Qur’an noting that he who opposes the facts is a deviate.”

Ayatollah Makarem criticized the arrogant and impolite rhetoric noting that as a proof that the Saudi council is not ready for a proper and logical debate yet and stressed,” Though Shia scholars are absolutely prepared for a meeting either in Iraq and Lebanon when Saudi scholars are prepared for a discussion in a polite and logical ambiance in a bid to solve some ideological disagreements.”

He said the debate will be based on holy Qur’an and lifestyle of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and absolute logics because the holy book of Islam has approved logics as the anchor in 70 verses.

Iranian top figure expressed hope that such a just and logical discussion will be held and contribute to resolving disagreements between Shia and Sunni and also unity among Muslims.

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