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Should people have asked Turkey’s or Iran’s help while they were being massacred in cold blood?


Is there anyone apart from Iran that the oppressed people can ask help? Iran does not interfere in any countries, but answers the wish of the people who are being oppressed under the boots of zionists and zionist puppet regimes. Whom should people have asked help while Zionist gang ISIL was massacring thousands in cold blood? Can they ask from Turkey that do the work of ‘train-equip’ the terrorists fighting in Syria? What has Turkey done for Azarbaijan? Should the Lebanese People have waited for Israel to massacre them or asked help from Iran? Should the oppressed people ask help from Turkish President who bowed respectfully before Zionism founder Theodor Herzl? or from Iran? Who do people have to ask help aside from Iran? Is not it normal Iran become a problem for the Zionism?

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