Sinjar Residents Return Despite Devastation Made By ISIL


Sinjar Residents Return Despite Devastation Made By ISIL

After Kurdish forces pushed ISIL militants back from the embattled Mount Sinjar in northwestern Iraq, they returned home only to find devastation. Several weeks ago, Iraqi Kurds broke the siege of Mount Sinjar by Islamic State militants during a two-day attack that involved 8,000 Peshmerga fighters.

The victory freed thousands of minority Christian and Yazidi people who fled to the mountain looking for a safe haven from IS’s advance. As many as 200,000 people had been trapped on the mountain without food, water, or shelter since August.
Those who failed to escape to the mountain were brutally murdered by the takfiri terrorists.
But those who return face a new danger – the city is filled with hidden explosive devices. Specialists have not yet arrived to the area to clear it from mines.

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