Slaughterer Israeli claim on Syria’s sarin use aims to test US will against Iran

Israeli claim on Syria’s sarin use aims to test US will against Iran

The Israeli regime has hyped its widely discounted “intelligence report,” alleging Syrian use of chemical arms in a bid to test US reaction and, more importantly, assess the American will to act against Iranian nuclear energy facilities.
“If the United States intervened in Syria to secure its chemical stockpiles – perhaps organizing the Arab League, the Arab League, the members of the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council or NATO to share the job – Israeli officials say it would be a signal that Mr. Obama would most likely back up his warnings to Iran the same way,” The New York Times reports in a Saturday article, citing interviews with current and former officials of the Zionist regime.

Pointing to a vague but seemingly firm threat by US President Barack Obama that the use of chemical weapons in Syria would “change my calculus” in terms of an American military intervention in the key Arab country bordering Israel, the daily adds, “Israel appeared to be egging on Mr. Obama toward taking action” against Damascus when it claimed last Tuesday that the Syrian government “appeared” to have used “sarin gas,” a highly lethal chemical agent, in the country.

Although the highly suspicious and circumstantial “intelligence assessment” by the Tel Aviv regime was extensively discounted by experts and analysts in the US and elsewhere, the Obama administration followed suit and also claimed on Friday that the American ‘intelligence community’ had also assessed “with some degree of varying confidence” that the chemical agent sarin has been used in Syria.

To Israelis, the daily reiterates, how Obama “navigates the next few weeks will be viewed as a gauge for what he might do later regarding the potentially bigger confrontation in the region,” clearly pointing to Iran’s nuclear energy program as the ultimate target of the Zionist regime.

It then quotes Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Zeev Elkin as saying, “There is a question here: when a red line is set, can we stick by it? If the Iranians will see that the red lines laid by the international community are flexible, then will they continue to progress?”

The Zionist official was referring to the widely mocked red line drawn by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his September address at the annual meeting of the UN General Assembly in a purported attempt to warn the world about Iranian advancements in the field of nuclear technology and uranium enrichment.

The Zionist regime has been making huge efforts in the past years to press the US and other Western allies to impose sanctions and even take military action against the Islamic Republic with fabricated claims that it intends to divert from its civilian nuclear energy program.

This is while the Israeli regime has never denied a global belief that it possesses hundreds of nuclear warheads and it persistently refuses inspection of its nuclear facilities by international regulators. Additionally, Tel Aviv has not signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and is not the member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The Iranian nuclear energy program, however, operates under close monitoring by IAEA inspectors and the country remains a long-standing signatory of the NPT.

While the Islamic Republic has persistently denied any non-civilian diversion of its nuclear energy program, citing Islam’s rejection of any sort of mass-destructive weapons, in response to US and Israeli threats of military action against its nuclear facilities, it has vowed to retaliate such moves by raising Israeli cities to the ground.

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