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Slaughterer Netanyahu’s party accuses Iran of fueling demonstrations in Israel

Israel’s ruling Likud Party, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has accused Iran of “fueling” demonstrations of the Israeli left in order to topple the government.

According to i24 News, the Likud made these accusations against Tehran after the Facebook network announced that it had banned 12 accounts in addition to 307 Instagram accounts that were operated from Iran and published anti-Netanyahu content.

The Likud said in a statement, “Earthquake: Iran is secretly encouraging the left-wing demonstrations of the Black Banners Movement in an attempt to overthrow Prime Minister Netanyahu.”

“Iran, which is working to destroy Israel in an attempt to acquire nuclear weapons and arm the enemies around us, is investing in efforts to overthrow Prime Minister Netanyahu because it knows that Netanyahu has been standing as a wall against these attempts for years,” the statement continued.

The Likud went on to state, “Even if the left-wing demonstrators replace the black flags with pink flags, they will not be able to hide the fact that they are supported by one of the darkest regimes in the world and each has a common goal: to topple Prime Minister Netanyahu. Iran cannot win.”

For the past 20 weeks, Israel has been witnessing continuous demonstrations calling for Netanyahu to resign, claiming that he failed to manage the coronavirus pandemic that left about a million unemployed, in addition to 3 corruption cases.

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