Solidarity rallies for Syria picking up momentum worldwide

20130913-211406_h502322The protests of freedom-lovers, peace activists and members of the Syrian community worldwide seem to be picking up steam, with unrelenting persistence to take up to the streets in a daily show of vocal rejection of the US threats to launch a military action agaisnt Syria.

Massive protest in front of US embassy in Moscow condemning US threats against Syria

Moscow Organization for the Communist party in Moscow organized on Friday a sit-in in front of the US Embassy in Moscow to denounce the US threats to launch a military aggression on Syria.

Members of the Syrian community in addition to representatives of social and cultural organizations from different countries participated in the event.

The participants held banners condemning the US-Western threats to Syria, stressing that the imperialistic schemes will not pass.

They said that the US is the war-maker and the supporter of the international terrorism, adding that the US is the only country in the whole world that used weapons of mass destruction against Japan, Vietnam and Iraq.

They added that the US military strength is being used to steal the petroleum and gas from the Middle East region, stressing that the event aims at expressing condemnation of the US threats and support to the US citizens who opposed the policy of their government and refused to get involved in another war.

They also expressed support to the UK people and parliament and to the German people who prevented the German government from taking part in the aggression.

“All the world nations denounce the US threats, condemn its aggressive policy and support the Syrian people, army and government in their struggle against the US threats,” they said.

In statements to SANA, the participants said that a US strike against Syria would be against Syria and Russia alike as all parties in Russia shared Russian President, Vladimir Putin, his stances on the Syrian file.

They said that the presence of the international terrorism organizations, such as Jabhat al-Nusra and al-Qaeda, in Syria indicates that the so-called “opposition forces” are receiving support from the NATO and the Arab reactionary regimes, stressing the need for Russia to provide all support to Syria in all domains, politically, economic and militarily.

Huge protests in Yemen in rejection of US threats

Tens of thousands of persons organized a sit-in in Sanaa, Yemen’s capital, in solidarity with Syria and rejection of the US threats to launch a military aggression on the country. The participants, representing all spectrum of the Yemeni society in addition to political parties, called upon all countries and free people to stand against the US support to Israel, stressing that Washington is the side which is supporting the Israeli armament. They said that the US is using false pretexts as to undermine people of the region to achieve the interests of the Zionist schemes. The participants also expressed gratitude to Russia for its stances on the Syrian issue, expressing rejection of using the Yemeni lands or airspace to launch any attack on an Arab or Muslim country. In Sa’ada Province, Thousands of citizens organized a sit-in in rejection and condemnation of the US threats to launch a military aggression on Syria.

The participants vehemently rejected the aggression and conspiracy on Syria, stressing that all pretexts used by the US are made up by the Zionists.

They also condemned the stances of some Arab countries which are conspiring against Syria and the resistance, adding that Washington is using chemical weapons as a pretext to attack Syria while at the same time ignoring and overlooking the huge arsenal of Israeli nuclear and chemical weapons.

They called upon the Arab and Muslim countries to join forces as to face the plots targeting the region and resist the US-Zionist schemes which target the whole region.


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