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Somalia launches new offensive against Al-Shabaab


Mogadishu and its allies have launched an offensive code named “Operation Indian Ocean”.Announcing the mission, Somali military officials said that the operation will see the government assert its control in more towns and villages throughout the country.
Already four major towns have been liberated in the Bakool, Hiraan and Lower Shabelle regions. The Al-Shabaab however put up a fight in Buulo Mareer, a rich agricultural town before its capture. Abdullahi Ciro is a security expert. He told us that unless the military offensive is complemented with a humanitarian mission it is the local communities that will be affected in the renewed conflict. The capital Mogadishu has been relatively stable in the past month, but the latest attacks proves just how hard it is to secure the city from such attacks. The government here in Mogadishu however argues that the group is using such attacks to divert attention from the losses it has incurred under operation Indian Ocean”.

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