South Africa boycotts Slaughterer Zionist Israeli-made products

The South African government has put the final seal on a measure boycotting goods produced in the illegal Israeli settlements across the occupied Palestinian territories.

The government on Wednesday confirmed that it will not import the goods produced in the occupied West Bank and East al-Quds -Jerusalem with “Made in Israel” labeling.

Government spokesperson, Jimmy Manyi, said the goods produced would now be labeled as originating from the “Israeli Occupied Territories.”

The measure, which has been under consideration by the South African government since May, is aimed at preventing consumers from being misled into thinking that such goods come from Israel, Manyi said.

Separately, Canada’s largest Protestant church has also approved a similar measure to boycott goods produced in the occupied West Bank.

The United Church of Canada made the decision on August 15 and approved a policy paper two days later at its 41st general council meeting in the capital, Ottawa.

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