South African Government to boycott Israel over its treatment of the Palestinians


South Africa, a former victim of the notorious ‘Aparthied’ System, that saw praise from Israeli leaders such as Yitzhak Rabin, has just announced its decision to begin taking steps to cut diplomatic ties to Israel.

Minister Naledi Pandor, of the African National Congress (ANC) announced last Tuesday that: “the absence of genuine initiatives by Israel to secure lasting peace and a viable two-state solution that includes full freedom and democracy for the Palestinian people,” is the reasoning behind the initiative to cut ties.

The Majority party agreed, that cutting ties with Israel is a must.

South Africa also recently decided to downgrade its embassy in Tel Aviv to a liaison office, this came after Donald Trumps decision to relocate the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

During the month of April, 1976, the Israeli government held a banquet for John Vorster, the Prime Minister of Aparthied South Africa. Upon the Afrikaner PM’s visit, Yitzhak Rabin (PM of Israel) expressed that Israel and Aparthied South Africa both face: “foreign-inspired instability and recklessness”. Yitzhak Rabin also hailed “the ideals shared by Israel and South Africa”…

South Africa’s Government has been recently very vocal in its support for Palestinian human rights.

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