Speaker: Syria lives through final chapter of terrorist war


Speaker of the People’s Assembly of Syria Hammoudeh Sabbagh stressed that Syria is currently living through the final chapter of the global terrorist war wage against it from about eight years.

Meeting the delegations which are participating in meetings of the Executive Committee of the World Peace Council on Monday, Sabbagh said that the signs of victory have become clear and nobody dares to speak about undermining the Syrian state or dividing it, SANA reported.

He noted that those who conspire against Syria have become forced today to acknowledge the principles for which Syrians sacrificed which are the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria.

Sabbagh highly appreciated the solidarity meeting with Syria, affirming that it conveys significant and basic messages , particularly during the current stage.

For her part, President of the World Peace Council Maria do Socorro Gomes expressed happiness to be in Syria, indicating that the delegations which are participating the meetings of the World Peace Council came to express solidarity with the Syrian people, army and leadership in the face of the terrorist war launched against their country.

Meanwhile, President of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY), Iacovos Tofari affirmed that Syria has been able to overcome a difficult stage of the crisis as the Syrians today started the reconstruction process.

Tofari asserted that his party continues to support Syria and to call upon all the peoples through the international forums to support the Syrian people.

Heads of the participating delegations expressed rejection and condemnation of the imperialist interferences in Syria’s internal affairs.

They affirmed that Syria has been able to remain steadfast in the face of imperialism and Zionism and it will soon achieve the final victory against terrorism and its backers.

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