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STRIKING FOOTAGE IN TURKISH MOSQUE: Watch how courageous Anatolian Muslim Population, ruled by so-called Muslim government, poisoned and eliminated in war against BOP(Great israel Project)

Footage taken in one of Gaziantep mosques reveals the heartbreaking condition of  brave Muslim youth in Turkey. Lots of young people some whom are fainted or in coma due to the drugs they have taken are helplessly lying on the ground. The man says even one of  them can hit another strong man with a single fist but they are like a dead lion.

The mosque’s ablution area is full of  addicted guys who are expected to confront the assaults against Islamic  Lands like occupied Palestine and The Holy Quds. The man taking footage says the no comment and leaves the  words to us.

Turkey in 2018 under the so-called Islamic government is full of thousands of Oppressed people who are going to be the nightmare of zionists and enemies of Islam and that’s how they fight and eliminate our real mujaheeds who have hoisted the  flag of Islam for hundred years, however they should bear in mind that Turkey is the country where Islam has temporarily ended its rule but ready to revive from its ashes and participate the Mahdi Army aiming to wipe out the zionist regime and allies from the holy lands and finally from the world.

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