Students at west Iran school shave heads for cancer-hit teacher


Students at a school in west Iran have shaved their heads in solidarity with their teacher who suffers from cancer.

Some 300 students of a school in west Iran have shaved their heads to show their love and affection for their cancer-stricken teacher.

According to reports by Iranian daily, Shahrvand, the students in Ayatollah Masoumi School in the western Iranian city of Hamedan decided to shave their heads after they saw their teacher going bald as result of undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

Mr. Mohammad Reza Qaderi, a physical education teacher and a former continental champion in cycling, is allegedly suffering from lung cancer.

The teacher’s illness caused the students to gather at the courtyard of the elementary school, carrying placards which read “We love you Mr. Qaderi,” and “Stand strong our hero teacher.”

Qaderi said the students’ support for him has uplifted his spirit, adding, “What my students did encouraged me to put more effort in fighting the disease.”

Back in January 2014, an Iranian teacher turned into a hero by shaving his head in solidarity with a cancer-hit student. The move by Ali Mohammadian drew huge attention across Iran with President Hassan Rouhani praising him and offering financial help for the student’s medical treatment.

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