Successful drug therapy for brain tumors: Iranian Researchers

923185_orig (1) Pharmaceutical researchers in Universities of Tehran and Zanjon, using nano Jell technology, have successfully managed to optimize the drug therapy of brain tumors, thereby improving drug penetration methotrexate into central nervous system (CNS).
The research also aims to design a new drug formulation based on nano jell technology for anti-cancer drug, methotrexate, to allow for targeted drug delivery with lower doses and therefore more effectiveness and fewer side effects to the brain.

Dr. Amir Azadi, PhD student of specialized pharmaceutics, in School of Pharmacy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences in this regard said: “the overall objective of this study was to optimize the drug therapy for brain tumors, thereby improving penetration of methotrexate drug into the central nervous system. Towards this goal, we researched the properties of hydro-gel and nanoparticles and usefulness of nanomaterials to accomplish our findings.”

The results of the research by Dr. Amir Azadi and his colleagues from Universities of Tehran and Zanjan have been published in ‘Journal of Polymers and Carbohydrate.

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