Support for Syria against potential Western aggression continues worldwide

20130906-235016 Worldwide rejection of the potential aggression threatened by the US on Syria is being widely expressed through the many sit-ins and events constantly held in capitals around the world.

The participants in these events believe that the US pretexts of blaming chemical weapons use on the Syrian government to attack Syria are completely false, stressing that the real reason behind attacking Syria is to undermine its role and position in rejection of the US and Zionist plots in the region.

Sit-in in Moscow in rejection of aggression on Syria

The Syrian community and students in Moscow, in addition to activists of Russian civil groups on Friday staged a sit-in in Moscow in condemnation of the US-western threats to launch military aggression on Damascus.

The participants stressed their solidarity with Syria, chanting slogans denouncing the US arrogance.

Holding placards reading “No to War on Syria” and “Hands Off Syria”, the participants said that whatever happens to the Syrian people affects directly the Russian people as Syria is the old friend of Russia.

“We took to the streets today to say that we, along with the persons who took to streets in Europe, USA and the Commonwealth of Independent States, reject the aggression on Syria and intervention in the country’s internal affairs,” the participants stressed.

They warned the US and the Western countries of the support they are providing to the armed groups in Syria, adding that this support will not bring peace to Syria or help stabilize the region.

They said that no sane person can believe the western lies on the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria, adding that the aggression aims at punishing Syria under the pretext of threatening the security of the US.

They called upon all freemen and governments to stand by the Syrian people and army as to stop the US arrogance and prevent Washington from carrying out an aggressive and foolish act against the country.

They also called upon the whole world and its international institutions to step up political and diplomatic efforts to stop arming, funding and sending the “jihadists” to fight in Syria.

They stressed that the US threats will not dissuade Syria from its firm stances, adding that the US should know that Syria is undefeatable as the history proves that all invasions were defeated on the Syrian soil.

Event in Bratislava denouncing French and US stances

The Syrian students and members of the Syrian community in Slovakia organized a stand of solidarity with Syria to express denunciation and rejection of any aggression on it.

Hundreds of Arab expatriates and Slovak and other foreign citizens and representatives of anti-war civil associations participated in the event which was held Thursday evening in The Square of Freedom in the capital Bratislava in cooperation with the Slovak-Russian Association and the Slovak-Cuban Association.

Waving the Syrian, Russian and Chinese flags and posters of President Bashar al-Assad, the participants marched the streets of Bratislava and headed towards the French Embassy and then the US Embassy.

They chanted slogans expressing support for the Syrian people, army and leadership and denouncing the French government’s stance that goes in line with the US which is seeking to launch an aggression on Syria under false pretexts.

Head of the branch of the National Union for Syrian Students in Slovakia, Ali Asaad stressed the Syrian students’ standing by the homeland Syria in the face of terrorism and terrorists who are trying to disrupt Syria’s security and stability in implementation of foreign agendas.

For his part, Head of the Syrian Community, Raf’at Asaad, affirmed the Syrian expatriates’ commitment to the national and pan-Arab principles and adherence to the political program as a way out of the crisis.

Slovak participants called upon their government not to get involved in any potential aggression on Syria, highlighting that Syria’s resistant stance against imperialism and Zionism is the reason why conspiracies are being hatched against it.

Iraqis stress strong rejection of aggression on Syria

Meanwhile, a number of figures representing Iraqi popular and pan-Arab forces, trends and parties in Iraq staged a sit-in to protest the US threats to attack Syria.

“We the people of Iraq announce vehemently our rejection of any aggression on brotherly Syria,” said a statement by the Iraqi Committee for Syria’s Support in the framework of the event which took place in al-Firdous Square in the middle of the capital Baghdad.


This potential aggression, the statement added, targets Syria as a state as well as its resistant role towards the Zionist-US project, in addition to the Syrian people and army.

The statement called upon the peoples in Iraq and all other Arab and Islamic countries to confront this aggression, highlighting Syria’s role in hosting and embracing the Iraqis and other Arabs over more than fifty years.

Hundreds of thousands of Yemenis protest potential aggression against Syria

Hundreds of thousands of Yemenis protested in Sana’a and Sa’ada prvince to voice rejection of the potential US aggression against Syria, affirming their full support for the Syrian people.

Participants issued a statement rejecting the potential US aggression and the attempts to legalize it under false pretenses similar to what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and other countries.


The participants said that Syria is now paying for its support for resistance in Palestine in Lebanon, decrying the suspect role played by the Arab League in favor of the West, America and Israel, and denouncing the instigation carried out by Arab Gulf sheikhdoms, primarily Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Venezuelan political parties rally in support of Syria against potential US-Western aggression

Members of the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP), an electoral alliance of Venezuelan political parties, organized a rally in support of Syria in front of the Syrian Embassy in Caracas to denounce the potential US-Western aggression against it.

Head of the Bolivarian Chamber of Construction, Gerson Hernandez, delivered a statement of solidarity to the Embassy which denounced the immoral campaign against the Syrian people, appealing to the people of the world to unit and stop the war against Syria and pressure Obama’s government to cease their threats against Syria.

Similarly, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and affiliated parties organized a rally in support of Syria in the face of the threats leveled against it.

Participants delivered a statement to the Syrian Embassy affirming that the Venezuelan people support the people and government of Syria in the face of the US threats, calling upon the world to unit to stop the war against Syria and achieve peace, demanding that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to stand up against attempts to attack Syria under false pretexts.

Hungarian Workers’ Party protest potential US aggression against Syria

The Hungarian Workers’ Party organized a protest in Budapest with the participation of the “For Syria” forum, members of the Syrian community, and Hungarian activities to denounce the potential US aggression against Syria.

Participants gathered in front of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry carrying Syrian and Hungarian flags and banners denouncing aggression.

Leader of the Hungarian Workers’ Party, Gyula Thurmer, delivered a speech underlining the historic relations between Syria and Hungary and lauding Syria’s role in the Middle East, decrying the US and NATO targeting of Syria by escalating the situation in it and supporting terrorists.

Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian communities in Brasilia rally to support Syria

Members of the Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian communities in Brasilia, along with friendly polticial parties, civil organizations, unions and the Brazilian committee for solidarity with the Syrian people organized a rally to support Syria in the face of Washington’s threats.

Hundreds gathered in front of the US Embassy in Brasilia, chanting their support for Syria and denouncing the policies of Obama and his minions who seek to undermine Syria and isolate it.

Participants issued a statement affirming that Syria will remain a thorn in the sides of warlike tyrants and terrorists, saying that Obama’s theatrics and accusations of Syria’s use of chemical weapons didn’t convince even his allies.

The statement affirmed that Syria’s enemies will fail to destroy it, and that Syrians in Brazil will protect their homeland with their lives and defeat the US and its Ottoman and traitorous Arab pawns.

Bulgarians and Arabs protest US threats against Syria in Sofia

Hundreds of Bulgarians and members of Arab communities protested in front of the US Embassy in Sofia to denounce the US threats against Syria and voice solidarity with the Syrian people.

Participants, answering the invitation of the Bulgarian National Committee and the Syrian community, said that the United States is the number one threat to world peace, and that it continues to lie to justify its wars.

The participants, carrying Syrian and Bulgarian flags, affirmed their support for the Syrian people and army, and presented a memo to the US Embassy protesting the American threats.

Sit-in in front of Israeli Embassy in Amman protesting US threats against Syria

The Jordanian group “Jamaet al-Kalouti” or JAK organized its 181st consecutive weekly sit-in in front of the Israeli Embassy in Amman to protest US threats against Syria and the presence of an Israeli embassy in Jordan.

The participants said that the threats of aggression against Syria are manipulated by Israel which is directly involved in preparing for this aggression, criticizing the Jordanian government for allowing the US forces to use Jordanian territories to prepare for the aggression against Syria, calling for expelling these forces immediately.

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