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Supreme Leader meets academic elites


In a friendly meeting this morning, a number of cultural, literary, and scientific figures of the country exchanged views with Imam Khamenei the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

Imam Khamenei said that some issues are gradually being revealed, further adding: “The highs and lows of the past thirty years, especially the recent political events, and the unprecedented, full-scale, and continual attacks of the world powers have made the Islamic Republic develop an immunity and turn into a strong system.”

The Supreme Leader said that the enemies’ plots against the Iranian nation are an indisputable reality and reiterated: “Of course someone inside the country who works in harmony with these plots may not be aware of this, but this does not change the reality.”

His Eminence said that causing uproar will only complicate the problems. Referring to some of the events that happened before and after the June 12 presidential election, he stated that genuine freedom of thought will only be realized through such measures as free debates in universities and logical debates among students.

Imam Khamenei said that logical debates, avoiding emotional reactions, disregarding the enemies’ provocations, listening to opposing views, and free thinking are the bases of genuine progress and the elements of real freedom. “Otherwise we must expect to face turmoil. As you saw, the pre-election uproar led to the post-election turmoil, especially when foreigners started to interfere in our affairs.”

Imam Khamenei said that it is necessary to be fair when voicing criticisms and added: “Of course if the IRIB could reflect the realities and advances of country completely, artistically, and appropriately, the young generation would be much more hopeful about the future and the people would feel far more satisfied and honored now. However, fairness should be kept in mind when criticizing a measure or an organization.”

The Supreme Leader said that some newspapers are unfair mainly because they fail to distinguish primary and secondary issues. “Of course secondary issues are not insignificant, but regarding the post-election events, the primary issue was the people’s record turnout rate and the rest of the issues were of secondary importance. But some people were unfair enough to act in a different way,” he noted.

His Eminence said that questioning the election is the most serious offense. He expressed his disapproval to some individuals’ light-hearted attitude to this offense and added: “Right after the election day, some people described that impressive election as fake, and they presented no reasons. Is this a minor offense?”

Imam Khamenei added: “The enemy made the best of this unfairness. Similarly, inside the country some people who were opposed to the Islamic Republic since the beginning took the opportunity – created by some members of the establishment – and staged the post-election events.”

Touching upon his early warnings to the people who started the post-election events, the Supreme Leader stated: “During the early hours of the turmoil, I sent them some private letters and told them that some people were taking advantage of what they had started and that the situation was going to get out of their control. And that was exactly what happened later on. However, those who enter the political arena must predict and assess the next move like a professional chess player.”

Referring to his Friday prayer address after the election, Imam Khamenei added: “First, I sent them private letters and gave them the necessary recommendations, but one is sometimes forced to say some things openly when there is no choice.”

Imam Khamenei said that lining up a group of the people against the establishment and the country was a great crime, especially because that group of people had attended the election sincerely and with no ulterior motives.

Regarding the criticisms voiced against the Leader, he said: “Of course criticisms are still being expressed and I still receive some criticisms.”

Elsewhere in his speech, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution said that the present advances made by the country are the outcome of past planning and present efforts. “Political insight and the incorporation of religious principles into the depths of the youth’s thoughts show that the young generation cannot be stopped. And this reality will guarantee the continuation of the country’s progress.”

His Eminence described science and research as the secret behind the progress and power of all countries and reiterated: “Having realized this, foreigners focused their plots on students and academic environments in order to disrupt the process of scientific activities. Our esteemed and intelligent youth must foil these plots.”

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