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Supreme Leader praises Iranians’ discretion in Feb. 10 rallies


The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution has praised Iranian people’s discretion, courage and punctuality in 22nd Bahman’s epic rallies.
Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei’s information office assessed the people’s presence in rallies as a ‘great event,’ and emphasized that “presence of all social classes, men, women, young and elderly, after 34 years is God’s greatest bounty, which we all should thank Him for rest of our life.”

The Supreme Leader compared the anniversary of Islamic Revolution in Iran with the other countries where a revolution had happened, adding; “the great art is that in our Revolution, people are the main shareholders of the country and Revolution, and thus, they support this great wealth and source of their self-esteem and independence, and they hold the celebration ceremonies and come to streets to demonstrate.”

Ayatollah Khamenei thanked every Iranian individual for their timely presence. “Just in a time when the enemy wanted to see that people would desert the Revolution and do not respond to call of the Islamic Revolution, people frustrated the enemy with their presence,” he added.

The Supreme Leader emphasized that the enemy have launched the propaganda to reduce people’s great rallies, “the reality is that the enemy sees the scenes and examine them carefully, and they conclude that it is impossible to defeat this nation,” he asserted.

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