Suspicious death” of Russian-born anti-imperialist Journalist in Turkey

Russian-born film maker and American citizen, Andre Vltcheck, has been found dead in a car in Istanbul during a trip with his wife.

According to reports, the 57 year-old investigative journalist rented a car together with his wife Indira, the two then went on to drive from the Black Sea province of Samsun to Istanbul.

Once the couple arrived at their hotel in Karaköy, Andre failed to wake up.

After a medical team declared the investigative journalist for dead, the police sealed off the street to start with the crime scene investigation.

While the investigation is still on-going, the cause of his death remains unknown. His wife and the two drivers are expected to give their statements regarding the incident to the police on Monday.

Andre Vltchek was known for his anti-imperialist work, describing himself as an “internationalist and globetrotter who fights against Western Imperialism and the Western regime imposed on the world.”

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